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Tom icon

Shameful! XD

Icons update

Two icons, and a few sig banners. The first banner is a retext of an old one.

A whole bushel of new icons.

Here's a whole bunch of new icons. Yes, they're all Code Lyoko related *snickers* And I don't feel like cutting them so...I'm breaking my own rule XDXD;; All the images I used came from Lyoko Code.

Also, sig banner~

Some random icons (Spoilers)

I was bored and had this urge to use Photoshop or binge on boxes of popcorn...I chose Photoshop, and I made some icons!!! (ZOMG! ELEC CAN MAKE ICONS?!)

They're not up to par with the other better icons (I'm too lazy to attempt animated ones and/or learn more advanced Photoshop stuffz!), but I think they've turned out okay.

I needed to make a Luna avatar after watching the Ryuusei anime XD. *hogs all fandom rights except for the fanart*
Source: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v502/CriminalNerd/Screenshots/001-000.jpg

Ranpha Framboise from Galaxy Angels. This came from "The Lost Special" episode of what I think is Season 4 of the show...Ranpha is hawt and luff <3
Source: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v502/CriminalNerd/Screenshots/000-000.jpg

Ooooo....Dramatic Aizen shot in the new OP of Bleach!!! (Fifth OP I think)
Source: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v502/CriminalNerd/Screenshots/100-001.jpg

How alarming...

More AMD icons! XD

Last week, I posted a big icon dump in this community and subsequently added more to it. I figured I'd start a new post to add the eight I made yesterday... ^^;

Chiyo-chan *not* smiling and looking happy...Collapse )

Looking contemplative...Collapse )

Crying Diet Girl! XDCollapse )

Again, I hope I have not bored you too much with these AMD icons. ^^;

Azumanga Daioh icon dump! XD

Right! Free time plus making icons for anyone who asks plus the revival of this community have conspired to have me make a *ton* of icons and post them here!

I have decided to concentrate on my collection of screenshots from Azumanga Daioh - The Animation and make icons from those.

Shots from the opening creditsCollapse )

Screenshots from episodesCollapse )

Not from screenshotsCollapse )

I hope I haven't bored you with these submissions...

P.S.: Two more I made today...Collapse )

P.S. #2: More yet! This is addictive...Collapse )

More icons

Told you guys I was doing different types of icons ;P XDD Drew the eye and tear in the first one.

...What? I did that EXE one weeks ago *shifty eyes*

Trying new icons.

Cross posted these to to_the_past. Decided to try making different sorts of icons (other than the, y'know, barrage of Megaman ones ;P XDXD ) and ones from Anastasia are the first. Both of them have quotes from the movie. And to be honest, my favorite is the first one ^^